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Individual Counseling

Pursuing change is a noble endeavor, and certainly not one to be made lightly. Knowing that you want to begin is one thing, but knowing where to start can be confusing and disheartening. 


Choosing a therapist is a difficult decision, but finding a therapist you trust and feel confident about can determine the success of your treatment.  It is critical that you have a good working relationship with your therapist, and it is for this reason that I offer the opportunity to get to know me over the phone before you feel you have to decide. Feel free to call for a free phone consultation.  

Treatment Services



Grief & Loss

Life Events and Transitions

Performance Enhancement

Phase of Life Problems

Relationship Problems

Stress Management


Work and Employment Issues


Most people come to therapy in crisis.  Whether there has been a devastating event or you are experiencing specific unwanted symptoms, please call for a free phone consultation. 

18811 Huntington St., Suite 200

Huntington Beach, CA 92648


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