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Begin Building the Marriage You Want

Couples, Marriage, & Pre-Marital Therapy

There are many reasons for seeking couples counseling.  With divorce rates at greater than 50%, we all have friends, relatives, and neighbors who are struggling, and most of us can personally relate.


Being part of a couple is hard work at times, but it is also a blessing. You may be in a place where everything is good and you want to take your relationship to the next level.


You may be struggling and want to get back to the better relationship you once had. You may feel bitter and resentful but want to try one more time before you give up. Wherever you are in your relationship, help is only a phone call away.  


There are happy couples who have stood the test of time. There are couples who are loving, kind, and respectful to each other. This could be your relationship!  


Call me to find out how.


Some Programs Offered

Prepare and Enrich: premarital and marriage enrichment program

Certified in the Gottman Method

Core Communication

Anger Management

Emotionally Focused Therapy

18811 Huntington St., Suite 200

Huntington Beach, CA 92648


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